A FoodVillage sustains five thousand families and workplaces in the surrounding region.


FoodSubscribers are households and organisations whose food is provided by a FoodVillage.

FoodSubscribers are typically environmentally and nutrition conscious: families that value connection to people and place as well as businesses and institutions that feed customers and staff on site – such as health care, aged care, child care, disability care, schools and restaurants.

Well balanced

As a FoodSubscriber you receive a weekly order of locally grown staples and edible luxuries – veggies, fruit, dairy, meat, grains, nuts, baked goods, ferments and more – a well balanced and delicious diet.

You can choose the products you want from the FoodVillage’s extensive offering, rather than just receive a standard box of food, and the FoodBuilt online shopping platform makes it easy to change your order whenever you need.

Waste not want not

As a FoodSubscriber you are also encouraged to help close the loop in the FoodVillage’s regenerative food cycle and opt into the green waste recovery program, where food scraps and green waste are collected regularly from your premises and returned to nourish the land that nourishes you.

The benefits of co-ownership

As a FoodSubscriber, you’re also a co-owner of the FoodVillage and of an economic system where everyone benefits from the tangible rewards of shopping and making local, of the strengthening local community.