FoodVillage is a regenerative system, restoring the lands where we farm and live while developing an economy that sustains the network of FoodBuilders and feeds people across its region.

From FarmHub

A diverse range of food is grown at our farms, using traditional and modern practices to restore and enrich the land and ecosystem.

To FoodHub

The produce we grow is processed at the FoodHub – readied for distribution or further processed into a range of delicious food products. Our electric vehicle fleet then distribute food to subscribers around the region.

To FoodSubscribers

FoodSubscribers receive a rich and balanced delivery of our locally grown and produced food each week, tailored to their tastes. The FoodSubscriber’s kitchen scraps and green waste are then collected to be recycled.

To FoodDepot

Green waste from FoodSubscribers and elsewhere in the system is processed into compost, animal feed and other vital nutrients that can be recovered. These are returned to enrich the land at the FarmHub and the cycle continues anew.