A FoodVillage is a community of purpose established near to our farms and food hubs, where FoodBuilders live side by side in architecturally co-designed sustainable homes and enjoy a relaxed and friendly lifestyle.


We partner with innovative architects, manufacturers and builders to offer a range of stylish and highly liveable home options. Designs range from large multi-level homes to maisonettes, townhouses, apartments, and independent living units. We also focus on living options for three or four generation families and assisted living.

FoodVillage homes are built in line with our values of affordability, sustainability, and inclusion. They are constructed with sustainable materials, are energy, water and waste efficient and incorporate renewable energy solutions as standard.


Multi-generational families

A FoodVillage enables a FoodBuilder to include their extended family in the one home or side by side in their own homes.

FoodVillage features home designs created to suit retirees and the specific needs of older people. These homes can be either connected or separate from their FoodBuilder children and grandchildren.

Like other participants, our FoodElders are co-owners of the FoodVillage.

Assisted Living

A FoodVillage is an inclusive built environment, thoughtfully designed with consideration for the needs of older people, those with disabilities and young families.

FoodVillage home designs include options for disability-friendly and age-friendly accessible living as well as for multi-generational families living in connected homes.

Village lifestyle

While all the homes in a FoodVillage are privately owned and self-contained, there are parts of the village that are community owned. Shared green spaces, veggie gardens and facilities foster community by bringing people together in inclusive environments.

The FoodVillage contains its own vital community services including store, medical centre, K-6 school, and café