FoodVillage integrates FairShare, Six Capitals and Economy for the Common Good Models. Everybody who participates in a FoodVillage is a FairShareHolder co-owner – FoodBuilders, FoodSubscribers and everyone who works and lives alongside them.


The FairShare Model enables the founders to invite institutional, sophisticated and retail investors, workers, subscribers and suppliers to each and all have equity in their FoodVillage.

FoodVillage has ten classes of FairShareHolders, each with their own investment opportunities, rights, obligations and rewards. Alongside the founders who established FoodVillage and institutional, sophisticated and retail Investors who invest our properties and technology platform, there are eight other classes of FoodVillage co-owners.


Full-time workers who are living and running their food industry business in FoodVillage.


FoodBuilders' elders who are living at FoodVillage.


A member of a FoodBuilder Family who lives and learns in a FoodVillage.


A FoodElder actively working in the FoodVillage.


FoodBuilders’ relatives who are living with assistance at FoodVillage


PhD candidates under scholarship to FoodVillage who live in and work for FoodVillage.


Indentured workers under apprenticeship to FoodVillage who live in a FoodVillage


Families or Organisations within the FoodVillage region who have a food subscription with FoodVillage.


FoodSubscribers who are also growing food or a food business at FoodVillage


Suppliers of farm fresh or processed food or services to FoodVillage.


Investing in our property via FoodLands Property Trust or technology via FoodBuilt Early Stage Innovation Company.


Establish FoodVillage and offer equity to the nine other FairShareholders.

Six Capitals

The Six Capitals Model makes it easy for the founders and incoming institutional, sophisticated and retail investors, workers, subscribers and suppliers to co-own and co-manage FoodVillage as a sustainable circular economy for the common good.

As co-owners of the FoodVillage, our choices, efforts and contributions enrich our collective futures. We all benefit from our human, community and intellectual capital.

We recognise the true value of our interconnectedness with nature, it's bounty and it's need for regeneration. We embrace this responsibility for a better now and for the benefit of future generations.

Human Capital

Your choices empower and uplift people.

Social Capital

You're increasing your connections to people and strengthening your community.

Intellectual Capital

You're contributing to and co-own the IP.

Natural Capital

You're helping to restore nature.

Manufactured Capital

You co-own the infrastructure.

Financial Capital

The money you earn circles through the local economy doing good with each transaction.

The Common Good

When you invest your time, energy and money into your local community, it continues to circle through the community. Consumers get a better quality product and a human connection to producers. Producers make those same valued connections and an opportunity to build a sustainable local business that in turn supports and connects with other local businesses, who in turn produce and consume, a rising tide floating all the boats in the local harbour.

A FoodVillage is this and more. When we are all co-owners of the economic system in which we participate we all benefit from the tangible rewards of shopping and making local, of the strengthening community.

The Economy for the Common Good Model informs, guides and regulates FoodVillagers to account for their common wealth in accordance with their FairShares.

Our Shared FoodLands

Within a short drive of each FoodVillage lie the farms, commercial kitchens and other food related properties that are co-owned by the FoodVillagers.


FoodBuilders work side-by-side on our farms, with the space and infrastructure they each need and shared facilities and equipment to maximise use and value.


Large commercial kitchens and food processing facilities are co-designed to support the needs of each business in the FoodVillage.


The centrepiece of our property is the FoodHub, a mixed use facility on reclaimed industrial property. Incorporating vertical farming and other above-ground growing systems, the FoodHub also includes significant storage and processing facilities…


Our food system is supported by extensive lab facilities for soil testing, product validation, innovation, biosecurity and safety monitoring.


The FoodVillage is supported by technology and innovation that positions it for an adaptable and resilient future.

FoodBuilt Platform

Our tech platform provides insights and recommendations to FoodBuilders, manages supply and demand and enables ordering by FoodSubscribers.

Shared EV Fleet

Our electric vehicle fleet is available to all FoodBuilders and used to transport food to subscribers.

Renewable Energy

All of our infrastructure runs on solar or wind power generated on site.

Future Farming

Alongside traditional techniques we use new technology and processes to maximise yield, improve quality and enable growing in alternative locations.

Future Factories

We incorporate the latest technologies into our processing facilities to enable both small batch and easy scaling of production.

Internet of Things

Intelligent monitoring and automation across farms and factories, integrated with our platform.